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Welcome to the PioneerCraft Website! See the sidebar for discord and server links, or the above menu to select a page of interest. Scroll down to see more about what we are all about here at PioneerCraft minecraft server! Hope to see you there!

~PioneerCraft Staff & Players

Our Owners

About Us

PioneerCraft is a server that tries to bring the good ol' days of simple to understand servers, with great communities and epic fun. Our staff are friendly and our Owners dedicated. This is our second season of PioneerCraft, with hopefully many more years of fun ahead. We are not pay to win. Every rank perk or their equivalent (that is not decoration related) can be achieved and obtained in game through hard work and much fun as you build your empire, or join another. Join today to Enjoy the PioneerCraft experience!

Our Gamemodes

Our server currently has four game modes. We have classic factions, factions quest, SMP, & Plots. SMP is our simple multi player gamemode, featuring no claiming system and very limited rules and features. Classic factions is our throwback to the good ol' days of factions servers. Very little GUI menus, OP weapons, or other complex systems, designed to be simple to play and enjoy. Factions quest is our unique gamemode, featuring custom terrain, weapons systems and mobs, among many other things. However, it is at its heart just as easy to learn and intuitive as the rest of the server. Plots is our creative plots server, where you can participate in monthly and seasonal building competitions, or show off your epic building skills!

monthly competitions

We offer monthly competitions, for IRL money or in game items & ranks. Depending on the month, we offer competitions ranging from factions top, currency top, & PvP competitions on our factions servers, to base building & PvP competitions on the SMP server. We generally do two monthly competitions for about 10$-20$ USD Per competition. Check out the news tab above for more information on this months activities, and previous monthly winners!