General Application

This is the general application. Please fill out the other posted staff applications instead. If those are not available, then there are currently no staff positions available. However, if you feel that you would make a great staff member, please fill out this application anyways. Thanks!

One application per 6 month period. We are guaranteed to get back to you within 5 buisness days if you provided a correct email address.

Of Note: please read the staff rules and player rules before applying. The staff rules contain the full list of requirements, of those the most important three of note are honesty, discord account, and availability for vocal interview. All candidates prior to acceptance will be part of a group call with the current head of staff. Dont have a microphone for discord? A group phone call will be conducted instead. If you have neither, please dont apply. We will not accept ANYONE (unless they physically cant speak) who cannot complete this task, so please make sure that this is something you can do. We will quiz you on the rules, and will ask for further details on the below application, so keep that in mind. Thanks!

Please be honest. Lies are not tolerated, and will result in an immediate dismissal of your application. We wish you the best of luck!

~PioneerCraft Staff Team~

PioneerCraft Application

Preliminary Questions
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Please describe in detail any previous experience. We will check these, and if any information is found to be wrong or
Please Describe in detail suggestions for the server, what you would like to see added, changed, improved, etc.

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